Caroline Fayette Photography

  • What is there left ?

    The series « What is there left » focuses on mental images produced by blind or visually impaired people. I didn’t place any formal constraint. They might as well tell me about themselves physically, morally, professionally. I met these people and asked them, first, to describe themselves.

    Then, I asked them to describe me.

    How do I exist is you may not see me?

    What is there left of me?

    I order to set a context to the description, I gave them this instruction: “Describe me in such a manner that a blind people who would have never met me, would be able to find me among a group of strangers. What would you say to this person so that at the moment we meet, they may without hesitation recognize me as Caroline?”

    I went and met each of these people as if I would go to a psychologist or a medium. As if the mere fact that they do not see was going to allow them to figure out the essence of what I am.

    During these interviews I asked them to explain to me their blindness. Explain me how you do not see me.

    Based on their explanations, I tried to take pictures of me as through their eyes.